Peter Austen's Everest Experience Corporate Team Building Game

Everest Experience Seminar Testimonials

Highly appropriate and great fun.
Decco Ltd.

A great seminar, a great teaching and learning experience.
Business Development Bank

Truly uplifting and inspirational. We now know the value in business of in depth improvement of relationships. Superb value and learning.
Purchasing Management Association

A fantastic approach. Most challenging and enjoyable.I would love to do it again.
Coast Mountain Sports

Learned much valuable situational analysis. Great for team building and cooperation
Penticton Teachers

Peter's leadership of British Columbia's first Everest Expedition added a dimension of reality to the game and much interest to the day. Peter creates an atmosphere where discussion of management problems was easy and highly constructive.
Canadian Tire

A novel and wonderful method of experiential "doing" -highlighting leadership and problem solving. Very different from the normal styles of lecturing and sitting about. The day flew by. Excellent!
Fort St John teachers

We are sales people but The Everest Experience is applicable to all organizations. Everyone can benefit and learn from it.
AMJ Campbell Vanlines

An amazing and futuristic keynote address covering the essence of leadership. Everest changed the lives of Peter's team for ever.
FMC Canada

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