Climbing Mount Everest Expedition


The Climb For Hope

The Climb For Hope was the first time Mount Everest had been attempted for charitable purposes, and the climb did a great deal to raise awareness of the Rett Syndrome in Canada.

The Climb for Hope team consisted of climbers from most Canadian provinces. Peter Austen, as leader, and his team overcame many obstacles on their pilgrimage to Everest including lack of money, landslides, and terrible weather to name a few. The attempt on Everest was extremely demanding and the team almost made the top.

Three climbers reached 26,000 feet but were beaten back by 100 mph jet stream winds. They were lucky to return alive. The story of their struggles to reach the summit highlights, by comparison, just how difficult and heartbreaking the effort to find an eventual cure for Rett Syndrome will be.

The book, Everest Canada : The Climb For Hope, is more than an expedition account. It outlines the struggle to get to the mountain and to climb it, and it describes it in an unusually entertaining way.

... Sir Edmund Hillary

"We were not a 'normal' Everest expedition. We travelled twice round the world. We climbed ninety percent of the mountain and underwent fantastic experiences and dangers en route."

... Peter Austen